National Cancer Prevention Fund
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Throughout history, the most significant advances in public health have been achieved through prevention. Small pox, TB, polio, the plague - all were defeated by preventing their occurrence. Cancer is no exception. But much more needs to be learned about the over one hundred diseases known as cancer.

The primary mission of the National Cancer Prevention Fund (NCPF) is to raise funds to support comprehensive programs of research into cancer prevention and control, and to educate the public to the opportunities of cancer prevention and control through community programs of education, research and behavioral change.

There is a compelling need to fulfill this mission. Today in America, only 10% of federally funded grants are prevention focused. Less than 30% of all cancer research grant applications submitted annually to the government receive funding, and cancer prevention is the least supported area in the cancer research spectrum. This means that valuable life-saving research remains seriously unfunded.

NCPF partners with local organizations to assist with cancer prevention program fundraising efforts and events.  For more information on how our partnership can benefit your event, please contact us.


The National Cancer Prevention Fund
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