National Cancer Prevention Fund
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About NCPF


The primary mission of the National Cancer Prevention Fund (NCPF) is to raise funds to support comprehensive programs of research into cancer prevention and control, and to educate the public to the opportunities of cancer prevention and control through community programs of education, research and behavioral change.



Funds generated by the NCPF are used primarily for research into the prevention and control of cancer, and to support and develop the organizational needs of the NCPF consistent with the NCPF mission. Significant portions of the funds raised are awarded to organizations nationwide which focus on issues consistent with the NCPF mission.


About NCPF

The National Cancer Prevention Fund successfully secured its 501(c)(3) designation on July 1, 1997.  The organization’s growth and progress during its first fourteen years of operation has exceeded earlier expectations in terms of scheduled events and grants awarded.  To date, NCPF has awarded over $4M in grants to cancer institutions around the country with a focus on prevention and control research.

The NCPF has produced two primary signature events—The Men’s Event and The Women & Wine Dinner.  Over 80 events have been held around the country.  Revenues produced by the Men’s Events and the Women & Wine dinners have provided funds to support cancer prevention and control research at the various cancer research organizations located in the host communities. 

Prior to dinner, at each event, NCPF organizes a cancer briefing moderated by a physician or researchers from the local institution associated with the event.  Through these sessions and the NCPF website, NCPF has been able to reach thousands of individuals with the important message of cancer prevention.

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